segunda-feira, 20 de março de 2017

Children Transmedia and Virtual Experiences Inside and Outside the Classrooms

Culture, Technology and New Literacies Research Group
University of Alcalá. Spain


This presentation examines, from an ethnographic perspective, innovative education settings where children explore media as proactive participants in virtual and transmedia universes. The main goal of the project has been to identify innovative educational practices whenever commercial video games, combined with other new or traditional technologies, are present in the primary and secondary education classroom to develop ne media literacies in students. Analyses have been carried out following an interpretative and discourse analysis approach. The results show how video games, combined with other technological tools, could be educational tools contributing not just to motivation in the learning processes but also to children develop new ways of being literate persons.

Keywords: videogames, children, informal learning, popular culture, children as
producers, new literacies

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