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Trans-media learning is using multiple media devices and technological platforms to teach and to learn.

Using trans-media in education is a great way of teaching students to be fluent in digital technology.  There are different ways to use trans media in the classroom.

One way of using trans-media is to create different learning methods using the technology that is available in the classroom.  A text book that children need to read can be summarised into a presentation by the teacher, using games to make children interested in the subject.  Instead of reading the whole book or a chapter of the book to the class the teacher can create a presentation using an overhead projector and computer to explain the subject of the book or the chapter.

Encourage students to develop their own learning tactics using trans-media and to complete research on the subject or ask students to create their own presentation using different digital tools (Freyjadis, 2014).

How can we make the classroom a Trans-media classroom?  Developing a budget to buy digital technology/media.  Making staff and parents aware of the value of digital technology.  Having an in-house ICT teacher, who can help children and staff with digital technology.

Digital education is dynamic, so students should be encouraged to learn and operate digital technology for educational purposes.  What are the benefits of “Digital Education” and a trans media classroom.  Digital education takes students beyond the classroom.  Students  can learn at  their  own pace.  Children develop technology fluency needed for jobs in the 21st century.  Digital education gives students the access to subjects beyond the teacher’s knowledge (Freyjadis, 2014).

In conclusion digital education is important.  Having a trans-media classroom can provide the digital learning a child needs to face the challenges of the future. As technology changes rapidly digital media will develop with it.  Showing children how to use the various digital media in present time will give them the confidence and self-assurance needed when experimenting with and learning with an ever evolving trans-media environment.


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